State and Federal Appeals, Criminal and Civil

Criminal Practice

Earle A. Partington has practiced criminal law since 1969 and also have substantial experience with appeals and post-sentencing issues.

On a routine basis, Earle A. Partington handle cases involving alleged violations of state and federal drug laws, firearms violations, as well as a variety of other serious offenses including homicide.

A well prepared defense offers you the best chance of an acquittal, or a substantial reduction in the nature of charges being brought against you. Pretrial negotiations with the government may also yield good results.

In the event that an appeal is required, a carefully constructed defense during the initial trial offers many opportunities for a successful appeal to overturn a conviction.

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The best way to reach Earle A. Partington is to send him an email with a brief description of your situation:

You may also send faxes to 808-537-1144 or call 808-526-9500.

The best time to call is between 2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. Hawaiian Standard Time (0300-0630 hours Zulu). Earle A. Partington cannot return international phone calls. Please understand that you cannot obtain competent advice via the Internet, so do not email Earle A. Partington about your case and expect him to tell you what to do in your case. Competent advice can only come after a thorough investigation into the facts of a case.

Please note: EARLE A. PARTINGTON DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL SERVICES IN THE AREA OF VETERANS LAW WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MILITARY LAW. Contact the local office of the Veterans Administration for assistance, or search the internet for Washington, D.C., attorneys emphasizing Veterans Law. Earle A. Partington knows nothing about Veterans Law.