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Earle A. Partington is the author of Hawaii Rules of Evidence Annotated which is currently under revision. This a handbook for lawyers to take to court for use during hearings and trials on the application of the Hawaii Rules of Evidence. The Hawaii Judiciary purchased the last edition for use by all of the state judges.

Hawaii Rules of Evidence Annotated

Hawaii Rules of Evidence Annotated

The third edition of Partington's Hawaii Rules of Evidence Annotated with text of rules through the 2000 Legislative Session, and with case annotations through 120 Supreme Court Reporter, 93 Hawaii Reports, and 10 Hawaii Appellate Reports.

This is the definitive handbook for evidentiary matters in the state courts; it will be helpful not only for judges and trial attorneys, but also for appellate attorneys. Both parallel and pinpoint citations are given with the annotations. All of the fulltime state judges have a copy.

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