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  • Flag mistake fixed at State Capitol
    KHON - Feb 6, 2015

    The State Capitol in downtown Honolulu is a local landmark, but a viewer reached out to KHON2 when he spotted something wrong: an error on the state flag. It was just another walk past the Capitol for Earle Partington when he noticed something many people might not have.

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  • Parole Denied in 40-Year-Old Murder Case
    Hawaii Reporter - Mar 24, 2011

    Defense attorney Earle Partington petitioned the court in 2000 to reclassify Medeiros's original sentence, arguing that the defendant never received a full hearing on his earlier requests for parole consideration. Circuit Judge Michael Town granted the request and resentenced Medeiros to life with the possibility of parole. "He obviously isn't the same man now that he was back then," said Partington this week.

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  • Peacock Killing Woman Cleared
    Star Advertiser - Jan 22, 2011

    Sandra Maloney doesn't recommend taking a bat to noisy peacocks as she did, but believes a Circuit Court jury verdict clearing her of cruelty-to-animals charges will mean open season on the squawking birds. "I feel vindicated," she said yesterday after the verdict concluding her four-day trial.

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  • Judge frees Oahu suspect in 1999 killing
    Honolulu Advertiser - Feb 12, 2004

    Earle Partington, a long-time Honolulu criminal defense lawyer, yesterday said charges are rarely dismissed in Hawai'i because of a delay in bringing a defendant to trial. "In a murder case, it's virtually unheard of," Partington said.

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